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History Of Computing Devices (Computers)

Term Paper Title: History Of Computing Devices (Computers)
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History of Computing Devices (Computers)

By:Daniel Habay

     In order to see why we invented computers we must look at how they WERE used and how they ARE used today.  One of the first major uses of computers was to aid mathematical pursuits.  As computers went along they added to the fields of science and literature.  Computers also filled a need, the need to be lazy.  It was once said that the perfect combination was laziness and intelligence.  I believe in that because you can see how computers are being used today.  We use them in Auto factories, basic cleaning, and other menial tasks.  I will show you how computers have progressed along and today how they are used to the benefit of everyone in pursuits of math, literature, and science.

     The first computing device was a digital one.  I am speaking of the human hand.  Fingers being Digits, thus into the digital computer.  This type of computing device was easily accessible but was limited in the sense that it could not go beyond 10.  Later on someone came up with the brilliant idea of using smooth pebbles in a co...

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