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No Loser, No Weeper

Term Paper Title: No Loser, No Weeper
Word Count: 753
Page Count: 3.01 (250 words per page double spaced)

No Loser, No Weeper

In Maya Angelou's, No loser, No Weeper, is one of her many poems, she describes the emotional state she endured growing up in the 1920's during the Depression, by using tone, diction, repetition, rhyme, and figurative language.  Because of the suffering that she has endured as an African American Woman during the 1920's, Angelou's life made her far more than a loser ora weeper instead, she would be labeled a poet, an actress, a teacher, a playwright, dancer, author, and a survivor.  In order to understand the success of Ms. Maya Angelo we must first understand her background.  
Maya Angelo grew up with her grandmother in Stamps, Arkansas, along with her brother.  Angelo has experienced a lot of negative things in her life. The Great Depression, her parents' death, racism, being sexually abused at an early age, becoming a single mother in her middle teenage years and bad marriages.  This period in Maya's life constitutes much of the pain that is included in many other poems.
In the poem, ANo Loser, No Weeper," Maya describes how she just hates to lose something, whether is small like a watch or a toy.  Moreover this poem is directed towards another female trying to steal her lover.  Maya wants to make it clear to the woman not touch her Alover-boy."  She explains her warning by stating that she hates to lose something Aeven a dime, I wish I was dead."  We gather from that statement that losing something so small and worthless as a dime would make Maya wish she was dead is very serious and very threatening.  This remark can be traced back to her background to when the trauma in her life made her think about suicide.  Maya Angelo felt that if she did not speak that man who assaulted her would still be alive.  She later solved that by not talking to anyone at all.  She also explains how she lost a Adoll once and cried for a week, the doll could open her eyes and do all but speak."  The rhyming couplets in the poem makes the speaker of he poem sound calm and nonchalant about the whole ...

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