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6-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct-injected, turbocharged marine diesel engine

With after cooler – crankshaft power* 294 kW (400 hp)

A New Generation

The Volvo Penta D12 Heavy-duty sets a new standard for reliability, performance and low emissions that comply with highest standards. Electronically controlled and fully classed, it offers outstanding operating economy with a long service life, easy maintenance and low fuel consumption. It is a new generation of reliable power.

Excellent reliability and economy

The D12-400 marine diesel engine is specially designed and developed for installations in heavy duty commercial displacement craft, featuring the latest advanced diesel technology.

To meet the tough and demanding reliability and durability demands from operators and fleet owners, the D12-400 is tried and tested in the world’s most extensive and toughest test program. 40 man-years behind the design and 25 man-years in tests, which equals eight times around the world, ensures excellent reliability and durability.

Excellent drivability is assured with high low-end and a rich torque curve matched to the power outputs for fast and immediate response.

Low fuel consumption for long operational range and low operational cost and emission levels is assured with:

– Electronic Unit Injectors

– 4-valve technology

– Electronically controlled injection timing

– High pressure 8-hole injector nozzles

– Electronic governing – EDC

This technology in combination with the electronic governing, EDC, protects the engine from major breakdowns, which further enhances the high reliability and long service life for low operational costs.

High quality

The D12-400 is built in the world’s most highly automated diesel engine factory line with a totally robotic machining and assembly line with computer controlled audit checks, which ensures the highest quality level.

Operation and comfort

Electronic remote controls, push button twin engine synchronization and change of active station ensures easy and smooth operation and maneuvering. The electrical control levers are operated more smoothly and precisely, requiring much less force. Automatic twin engine synchronization reduces noise and vibration levels, and increases service life of engine. This, in combination with the well-balanced D12-400 in-line six cylinder engine with powerfully dimensioned crankshaft bearings and vibration damper on camshaft, ensures smooth, vibration-free operation with low noise levels.

Low exhaust emission levels

The D12-400 advanced diesel technology greatly contributes to more efficient combustion with higher power and reduced noxious exhaust emissions. D12-400 complies with the IMO emission regulations.

Easy installation

The D12-400 gives a time saving and reliable installation, as it is a complete delivered compact and tailor-made propulsion system from one single supplier. Plug-in water protected harnesses and connectors, compact dimensions, and the EDC system ensures an easy, simple and time-saving installation.

Ease of service and maintenance

The EDC system features a self-diagnostic facility. Easily accessible service and maintenance points contributes to the ease of

service of the engine.

Worldwide service support in more than 100 countries

The Volvo Penta parts and service dealer network is a truly international operation with authorized service dealers around the world. These service centers offer Genuine Volvo Penta parts as well as skilled personnel to ensure the best possible service. Continuous and thorough product and service training ensures that Volvo Penta products are well supported.

D12-400 – a true marine engine from a true marine engine company

The D12-400 is a true marine engine, as it is developed by a true marine company with the best there is to be found in marine experience and know-how, and built and assembled with the best production method there is to be found...

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