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Compare And Contrast A Plant Cell And An Animal Cell

Term Paper Title: Compare And Contrast A Plant Cell And An Animal Cell
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Compare and Contrast A plant Cell and an Animal Cell

There are many differences as well as similarities between plant cells and animal cells. First we will compare them. The cells of animal and plants have three basic structures. The first is they both contain cell membranes, which is also called the outer boundary of the cell. They also each have a nucleus, or control center. Cytoplasm is found in between the cell membrane and the nucleus of each cell also. They both also contain ribosomes, where the protein in the cell is made. Although they share many similarities, they are very unalike in dramatic ways.

To begin to contrast them, let me begin by saying they each are found in different things, obviously. The plant cell is located inside plans, as the animal cell is located inside animals (and people). The plant cell has an extremely larger vacuole than the animal cell. Vacuoles serve the purpose of storing water, salts, proteins and carbohydrates.  In plant cells, the vacuole is usually filled with liquid. The pressure of the liquid filled vacuole in these cells makes it possible for the plant to grow quickly and support heavy structures such as leaves and flowers. The next difference is that the plant cell contains a cell wall and the animal cell just contains a cell membrane. The cell wall lies outside of the cell membrane. The cell wall helps to protect and support the cell. The cell wall has a lot of pores, so water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and things like that can pass through easily. The last major difference is that plant cells have chlor...

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