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The History Of Pi

Term Paper Title: The History Of Pi
Word Count: 281
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The History Of Pi

                                                                                                Math Report


          Throughout history mankind has used pi, the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter.  4,000 years ago pi was discovered and today is applied to everyday life.  Pi can be applied to things in many different ways and the early calculations were different depending on the culture.

            In 2,000 b.c. the Babylonians recognized pi.  They estimated pi at 3.1250.  Later the Egyptians and Chinese would continue the research of Pi and calculate pi as 3.1605 and 3.0.  1,500 years later (500 B.C.) the Greeks began an extensive research on geometry.  Archimedes then found a close approximation of Pi using his “method of exhaustion”.  Later Johann Hienrich Lambert proved that Pi was irrational a...

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