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What Is The Importance Of Stage Directions

Term Paper Title: What Is The Importance Of Stage Directions
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What Is the Importance of Stage Directions
English 112

February 8, 2004


The stage directions are of importance, it illustrates the manner in which the actors are to move and perform in the play. They explain in which directions characters should move, what facial expressions they should assume, and so on.  Stage directions can also be of some advantage to the reader because of it specific details and descriptive explanations, where oppose to other stories in which the reader must go on their own assumption and the implication of the character. Stage directions are also useful because it gives the reader a better understanding of the storyline and most importantly what the character is feeling.

In my opinion the stage directions is the Author's voice exposed, it informs the reader what the author wishes to tell about the character, by doing this helping the reader understand the character on a more personal level. Stage directions bring life to the characters personality exposing the characters inner most thoughts. The stage directions also show the tone in which the dialogue is being spoken.

Furthermore another importance of stage directions is its ability to expre...

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